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Ways to Find a Crochet Group Near You

One of the things I regularly look forward to is attending my weekly crochet and knitting group. It’s a group of yarn crafters who get together every week to knit and crochet and show off their projects (finished and work-in-progress).

Why should I join?

There are so many reasons! It’s a fun way to meet new friends who also enjoy crocheting, and who appreciate the time and effort that go into handmade items.

The members in my local group sometimes bring in things to swap or give away, including yarn from their stash, patterns, knit or crochet magazines, notions, and even finished objects that they made.

Another great benefit of attending these groups that I’ve personally experienced is that it’s helped me complete all those UFOs (unfinished objects) I’ve had lying around. I’ve since finished two blankets so far by working on them during these group meets.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and I’m able to make short work of otherwise big, tedious projects.  I’m so productive there, that I’ve been searching for big projects to begin so that I have something to work on there!

It’s a great place to share what you’ve learned, and learn from others. I’ve taught a few beginner crocheters here and there, and I’ve also received help with knitting. Sometimes, having someone show you a technique in person is a lot easier than figuring it out on your own with Youtube videos!

I’ve also met all sorts of wonderful and fascinating people. I’ve met many knitters who have enthusiastically volunteered to help me learn to knit. Some of our regular members include a former owner of local yarn store, who still has quite a bit of her stock (including rare yarns and unique notions) that she regularly brings in to give away, or to sell at a steeply discounted or wholesale price. I’ve also met pattern designers and online craft store owners. I met a crocheter who sells her crocheted items at craft fairs. She generously offered to bring some of my crocheted items along with her to sell for me!

How can I find crochet groups near me?


Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a crochet group using, especially if you live near a city or a more populated area. I’d suggest searching for a knitting group even if you don’t knit, because sometimes those groups started off as a knitting group, but changed into a yarn-craft group to include crocheters.

2. Contact your local libraries

This is how I ended up finding out about the 3 groups I’m a part of. Take a look at their events calendar, which may be listed online, or posted in the library. If you can’t find anything, call up your local branches and your main branch, and ask directly. Sometimes, these groups just aren’t listed!

My local library didn’t have a group listed on their online events calendar (which was populated with all sorts of other recurring events). It turns out, they did have a knitting and crochet group that met there weekly for 9 years. It just wasn’t listed online for some reason.

I only found out because I was told by a few of their members, who happened to also attend the other groups I was in, at farther libraries. Funny enough, when I first moved here, I had scoured that library’s website, and went into the library in person specifically looking to find out if such a group existed. I didn’t see any flyers advertising it, so I figured it didn’t exist. But I was wrong – and I would’ve found out if I had asked directly!

3. Check your local yarn stores

Some local yarn stores have an area set aside specifically for people to come in and crochet with others. Just note that I’ve heard that sometimes, local yarn stores may ask that in return to hosting these get-togethers, you support their business by working with yarns brands that they carry in their store, or by purchasing coffee or a snack there.

A couple of my crochet groups started out this way – as customers befriending each other, and regularly meeting in the store to crochet or knit as a group. When the yarn store closed, they found a new location to meet and continued there. One of these groups, with over a hundred members, has been meeting for about 12 years, and usually has about 20-30 people show up at the weekly meet!

4. Look on Ravelry may have a group for your town! You can search for your town or state name, and check their forum for existing get-togethers, or see if there are people in your area looking to form one.

Just note that a group that actively meets in person may have an inactive forum, so if you encounter what looks to be a dead forum, don’t just assume that they’re no longer getting together! Of my groups, the biggest and most active one meets every week, but there hasn’t been a forum post in our Ravelry group for over 2 years!

If your town doesn’t have a group yet, why not start your own? There may be other crafters in your area who are also searching for a get-together.

5. Look on various crochet forums

In addition to Ravelry, you can also check on crochet forums, including Crochetville and CrochetTalk. There may already be a group in your area that was mentioned there, or you may find posts by crafters in your town looking to make a group.

6. Check on Lion Brand’s Directory of Clubs

Lion Brand has a Directory of Knitting and Crochet Clubs. Just note that if you don’t get any results, that doesn’t mean no groups exist near you. I checked with my zip code, and three of the local yarn craft groups I attend weren’t listed.

 7. For students: check your school’s club list

If you’re a student, your school may already have an existing crochet, knit, or general craft club. If not, why not start one? There may be other crocheters in your school, and if not, there may be people who are interested in learning!


Are you part of a crochet group or club? Or have you been trying to find or form a crochet group? Tell me in the comments below!

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    1. Nancy, I get most of my patterns from Ravelry, but in my crochet adventures, I have come across vintage patterns in my local library. Some libraries have a magazine subscription for crafting magazines with patterns dating back quite a few years. I’ve also found older crochet and knitting books (with patterns) on the shelves. I’ve also met quite a few older knitters and crocheters at local crochet groups who have had old patterns in their stash – so your local yarn crafts guild or meetup might be a good place to ask. Best of luck!

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