Getting a Knit Look with Crochet

Love the look of knitted fabrics? Don’t want to (or can’t) knit?

Well, you can crochet something that looks very much like the stockinette stitch!

This is crochet!


And this is knit!

They look very similar, don’t they?

To achieve this look, you slip stitch into the back loops of every stitch. So if you wanted to create this swatch, you’d start off by making chain stitches until the chain is about as long as you’d like your swatch to be. Then slip stitch into the second loop on your hook, and continue making a slip stitch into each following chain.

After working into every chain, turn your work, chain 1 to bring the height of the new row up, and slip stitch into the back loop only of every previous slip stitch done. Repeat this until the swatch is as big as you’d like.

The resulting crocheted fabric will be thicker and a stretchier than a knit stockinette fabric. You can use this stitch to make a number of things, including over-the-boot cuffs, cuffs for gloves or mittens, headbands, coasters, and potholders.

Because you’re working into back loops only, I recommend crocheting with a loose tension. If you crochet too tightly, you might find it difficult to insert your hook into the back loops when making each stitch.

Here’s a photo of my crocheted swatch to show the directionality of the stitches. You can see the loop is where my hook would be. My initial row of chains is on the left side.

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