Free Adjustable Cord Holder Pattern

I’ve been doing a lot of photography lately. If your office is a corner of a spare bedroom, space is limited. This means putting everything away neatly when you’re done, including wrapping up cords and wires.

After seeing some cute crocheted cord holders a few weeks ago on the reddit, I’ve been wanting to make some to help with organization. But when I went to search for the post, I couldn’t find it!

So I ended up designing my own.

It’s adjustable! The button can be fastened anywhere along its length.


It’s adjustable, like a belt! The button fastens into any part of the cord holder, so you can use it to hold bundles of different sizes.

Using its full length to hold a thick cord bundle.


They work up very quickly – and I do mean quickly! Fewer than 30 stitches and you’re done. It uses barely any yarn, so it’s great for using up those half-used skeins you have left over. Make a few of them as a stash-buster!

Buttoned in half to hold a super thin wire.


Yarn needle
Worsted weight yarn
A crochet hook (any size between 3-6 mm should be fine)
A button
Optional: thin thread or floss in any color, for threading yarn through button.

Row 1: ch 14. (14 st made)
Row 2: In 6th st from hook, hdc in next 9 st. (9 st)
Fasten off, leaving about 8″ tail of yarn for sewing button on. Weave in ends after sewing button.

If your yarn needle doesn’t fit through the button holes, you can use this this trick from Moogly, which uses thread or floss as a sort of DIY needle threader. You know those small metal needle threaders that come in sewing kits? She uses a similar concept, just with thread instead of the threaders!

If you don’t have thread or floss handy, you can cut a 12″ length of yarn, and untwist the plies of your yarn. Then take one of the plies and use it as if it were a thin thread.

This pattern is listed on Ravelry! Add it to your library, or favorite it for later!

Questions, comments, requests? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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