Are You a Process or Product Crocheter?

The other day, I came across a discussion on the Ravelry forums about being a process creator vs. being a product crafter.

What’s the Difference?

From what I understand, if you’re a product crocheter, the main source of your enjoyment from crochet comes from the finished item. This includes being able to show it off, gift it to loved ones, and use it in your life.

If you’re a process crocheter, then most of your enjoyment comes from creating the object. This includes picking out the perfect yarn, learning new techniques, and feeling the yarn and hook as you work.

So if you’re a process crocheter, it may not really matter what you’re crocheting – you mainly just want to be crocheting for the joy of it. A product crocheter, though, may not love crocheting, but will do it to get the finished object from it.

Product crocheters are more likely to work through a pattern they find frustrating or don’t enjoy, because their focus is on that finished object. Process crocheters are less likely to continue working on a pattern that they’re not enjoying.

Which One Are You?

You may not strictly fall into just one of these two extremes. You might end up being somewhere between the two, or you might be a process crocheter sometimes but a product crocheter at other times (like when you’re making gifts for the holidays!)

Figuring out where on the spectrum you fall can help you to focus on what will give you the most enjoyment, and shed light on some of your crafting habits!

I am definitely a process crocheter. When I realized this, a lot of my crochet-related behavior suddenly made sense. I tend to procrastinate projects that are mere minutes away from completion. I have many amigurumi that would take about 5 minutes to finish, but I haven’t touched them in weeks. The allure of a new project that has a ton more rounds to be crocheted wins over my desire to pick up a project that only has 1 more round of fun left.

Realizing this helped me decide to choose larger projects like bigger amigurumi, or continuous blankets. That way, I’ll be able to enjoy longer stretches of crocheting, with fewer incidents of non-crochet activities (like sewing) in between… and hopefully, I’ll have fewer unfinished projects all over the place!

6 thoughts on “Are You a Process or Product Crocheter?

  1. At first I was into the process, particularly when knitting. When people began enjoying the pumpkins and scarves I made, I became a product knitter and crocheter. I enjoy the process if I am just buying yarn and learning new stitch patterns, but now when I make a product it is different. I love your blog!

  2. I’d say I’m both! I enjoy crocheting gifts…. scarves, shawls, lapghans and baby items are perfect for holidays and birthdays. And if it’s a very personal gift I have been known to take weeks to create just the right pattern! For the “in between project” times I always have a variety of yarn colors and weights on hand to make kitchen items, pillow covers or whatever the season calls for. I rarely, if ever, go anywhere without my “bag”😉

  3. I’m definitely a product crocheter! I don’t think I’ve ever made something that took more than 1 week to finish, most things I make just take 1 evening haha.

    1. Wow… that’s quite impressive! I’m nearly the opposite – most projects take me over a week, so that leaves me with a lot of works-in-progress lying around. 🙂

  4. Turning yourself into process-oriented person is great for so many things in life. Because if you truly can find enjoyment in the process nothing will ever be truly work – you’ll do it just for the sake of enjoying. Thanks for the post!

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